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Research Posters


Research poster abstracts will be presented by an author during a live Zoom event on Friday, Oct 23, 1:15 to 3:15 pm.

  1. Cervical Neuroforaminal Stenosis with RadiculopathyAmoia et al.*

  2. Systematic Review: Gait Adaptability Changes Post-Stroke when Compared to Healthy Controls, Amoia et al.*

  3. The Effects of Core Strengthening on Standing Balance And Functional Mobility In A Pregnant Patient With Guillain Barre Syndrome: A Case ReportBoyd et al.

  4. EMG Activity of Anterior Tibialis with Various Open and Close Kinetic Chain Activities Bramblett et al.*

  5. Long-term Vestibular Rehabilitation for Cerebellar Dizziness: A Case StudyBritton et al.

  6. Risk Factors Associated with Physical Therapist Burnout: A Systematic ReviewBurri et al.*

  7. Normative Data for the Functional Gait Assessment in Adults Less Than 40 Years OldByrd et al.*

  8. Underlying Spinal Impairments as a Risk Factor for Secondary Hip Dislocation Post Total Hip ArthroplastyCatena et al.*

  9. Patients’ Perceptions with Musculoskeletal Disorders Regarding their Experience with Healthcare Providers and Health Services: An Overview of ReviewsChiao et al.*

  10. Do Concussion Symptoms Differ in Adolescents and Older Adults?Chisholm et al.*

  11. Cervical Myelopathy in a Food Industry EmployeeCollier et al.*

  12. Job Security Moderates the Relationship of Antecedents to Burnout among Physical Therapy Doctoral FacultyConley et al.*

  13. The Impact of Cervical Proprioceptive Training on Ataxic Gait: A Case Report, Cozad S.

  14. Ankle Joint Loads during Triple Hop Landing in Persons with Chronic Ankle InstabilityDonahue et al.*

  15. Strategies and Words Used By Pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapists to Promote Coping during Painful InterventionsDriscoll et al.*

  16. Using Computerized Balance Error Scoring System as Baseline Concussion Testing in Collegiate Dance MajorsDurland et al.*

  17. Long-Term Community Exercise Maintenance for Multiple Sclerosis: A Case StudyGould-Ruete et al.

  18. Stress and Coping Mechanisms in Health Science Students during the First Professional Academic YearGrant et al.

  19. Animal Assisted Therapy and the Effects on the Pediatric Neurological Population: A Pilot Study, Grant et al.

  20. Femoral Neck Stress Fracture in a Cross Country RunnerHegedus et al.

  21. Examining the Effects of a Posterolateral Mobilization with Movement compared to a Self-Mobilization with Movement and Dynamic Stretching on Hip Internal Rotation Limitations: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Helmy et al.*

  22. Atraumatic Avulsion of the Common Extensor Tendon and Radial Collateral Ligament Tear, Mabry et al.  Gait Modification Effects on Subject-Specific Tibia Stress during Running in Males and Females,Meardon et al.*

  23. Withdrawn

  24. Gait Modification Effects on Subject-Specific Tibia Stress during Running in Males and Females, Meardon et al*

  25. Inertial Sensor Predictions of Patellofemoral Joint Contact Force during RunningNewnam, et al.* 

  26. Association of Youth Distance Running and Lower Extremity Injury: A Systematic Revies, Paz et al.*

  27. Are Physical Therapists Routinely Practicing the Requisite Skills to Order Diagnostic Imaging: Survey ValidationPurser et al.*

  28. Perceptions of Health Equity and Disparities Among Physical Therapy Clinicians in North CarolinaRouse et al.*

  29. Fall-Specific Somatosensory Thresholds, FASST) for Improving Steadi Fall Risk Screening AlgorithmSkutka et al.*

  30. Competence and Confidence of Physical Therapist in Vestibular RehabilitationSpears et al.

  31. Presenting to Library Employees about Medline Plus Improves their Overall Confidence in Finding Reliable Health InformationStanley et al.*

  32. Improved Knee Extensor Motor Control Following Lumbar Mobilization in a Patient with Anterior Knee PainStephens et al.*

  33. Validity of Cervical Joint Position Error Testing during Protraction-Retraction and its Relationship with Forward Head Posture, Fall Risk, and Perceived General HealthStump et al.*

  34. Predicting Patient-Centered Outcomes from Spine Surgery Using Risk Assessment Tools: A Systematic ReviewWhite et al.*

  35. Medial Tibiofemoral Joint Kinetic Predictions during Walking Using Wearable Sensors, Yeomans et al.*

*Denotes Student Physical Therapist Poster